When a loss occurs, grief expresses itself somehow, whether in words, actions, feelings, or mental state. Grief is a natural response to loss, and it affects people in numerous ways, in varying degrees, and for different amounts of time. Some people find it difficult to sleep, eat, or enjoy the things that they used to do. Others may have bouts of irritability, self-doubt, depression, or anxiety. Those who grieve may experience mood swings, irrational fears, guilt, or feelings of helplessness. No two people will share the exact same journey through the pain of loss.

We understand that grieving is a process, and we know that the pain of loss can recur from time to time long after the death of a loved one. For that reason, we offer bereavement support services before, during, and up to 13 months after the death of your loved one. Our trained social workers provide grief counseling and bereavement support for all family members struggling to reconcile with their loss; this support is offered to adults and children of immediate family and extended family. Volunteers offer additional emotional support when needed.

All American Hospice offers individual counseling as well as group support. You don’t have to suffer in silence, or alone. Please call us at (215) 531-7880 and ask about our bereavement support services.