Recognizing Rectal Cancer Symptoms

Recognizing Rectal Cancer Symptoms Rectal cancer is a malignant neoplasm that forms within 15-18 cm to the border of the anus. It occupies a leading position in morbidity and mortality. The prevalence is 4 to 6% among all malignant tumors. It is known that in economically developed countries, the most pronounced increase in morbidity is […]

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Stages of Colon Cancer

Stages of Colon Cancer Stages of colon cancer are used to describe how far the cancer has advanced. The higher the stage, the more severe the cancer has become. Three main factors determine the stages of colorectal cancer: The size of the original tumor. Whether the cancer is present in the lymph nodes Whether cancer […]

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All About Rectal Cancer: Signs, Causes, and Treatments

All About Rectal Cancer: Signs, Causes, and Treatments Rectal cancer, like all other cancers, are more treatable with an early diagnosis. It is important to spot the signs and symptoms of rectal cancer as soon as possible to improve the chances of successful treatment and survival. This article will give an overview of rectal cancer. […]

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Does Vaping Cause Cancer?

Does Vaping Cause Cancer? A leading cause of early death and many diseases are cigarette smoking. As an answer, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik developed the first device that will become the preferred substitute of many worldwide – vapes. Over the years, adults and youth – both of middle and high school age – […]

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Talcum Powder Cancer

Talcum Powder Cancer Cosmetic products like baby powders and face powders commonly contain talcum powder. It is a popular and effective ingredient for such products because it keeps the skin dry and protects it. Although it has a long history with cosmetics, it has also come to the public’s attention that it has the potential […]

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Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Ovarian cancer is a tumor of the reproductive system. The malignant process occurs in the tissues of the paired female gonads, which are responsible for the cells’ development and maturation. It performs the endocrine function, producing sex hormones: estrogens, androgens, and progestins. According to WHO, the most common and dangerous form of […]

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What Is Ovarian Cancer?

What Is Ovarian Cancer? There is hardly a word more loathed than cancer. Not only does it have no known cure, but it claims the lives of millions of Americans every year. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, all get called away with so much life left to live. Cancer only leaves devastation in its wake. […]

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Ovarian Cancer Prevention

Ovarian Cancer Prevention In the fight against any disease, the main concern is its prevention. Preventing ovarian cancer has two methods: prevention of the tumor and prevention of its development. Suppose the first way is the fight against all conditions that can lead to the development of malignant tissue growth. In that case, the second […]

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Skin Cancers: Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Skin Cancers: Squamous Cell Carcinoma As the body’s biggest organ, the skin stores water, fights infection, and regulates the body’s temperature. Because of the same reason, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, with 1 in 70 Americans experiencing this disease before they reach 70. There are three layers […]

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