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Choosing the proper hospice caregiver for a patient is critical, but it isn’t as complicated as you would imagine. It just takes a little planning and some thoughtful questions — and to make things easier, we’ll walk you through the process.

First, what is a hospice service? Well, instead of attempting to cure or postpone the terminal disease or condition, hospice discontinues curative treatment entirely. Instead, it seeks to alleviate pain and other symptoms while making the patient’s final days as comfortable as possible. By placing emphasis on the person rather than the sickness, long-term hospice care nearby can result in a considerable increase in the patient’s quality of life.

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Find a Program

Finding the hospice service or program that best matches your requirements may take some time and effort, but it will be time well spent. In most towns, there are many hospice providers. Your doctor, hospital discharge planner, or case manager can assist you in locating them, but you and your family must pick which service to hire. The question to ask is, “is there a hospice provider near me?”

Local Findings

The best way to find the right “hospice places near me” is through family and friends. Other than that, your doctor or hospital discharge planner can assist you in locating hospice care in your region.

In addition, hospice care providers are included in the phone book. In some cases, All American Hospice can give information and recommendations; contact 215-322-5256 or search online with National Association for Home Care and Hospice Care. An Agency on Aging or a local United Way branch may also provide referral services.

What to Take Care Of

If you have a Medicare, Veterans Administration, or Medicaid health plan, speak with your health care team about obtaining hospice benefits when required. Check with your insurer to see whether you have hospice coverage or a work-based or private health plan. If you do, learn about your alternatives, including any chosen hospice providers. Preparing ahead of time can save you time and frustration afterward.

What to Consider Before Finalizing a Hospice

Is the Agency Reputable?

Check whether the organization has been accredited (certified and licensed) by a nationally recognized organization, such as the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is a non-profit, independent body that assesses and accredits health care organizations and programs. It is a valuable resource for locating high-quality healthcare services.

Is it Medicare-approved, and does your state need a hospice provider or program to be licensed? You may find out by contacting your state’s health agency.

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Does It Fit Your Needs?

How soon can the hospice start providing services? Is it an in-home hospice near you? Inquire whether they provide specialist services such as rehabilitation therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, or family counselors, as they may increase your comfort. Whether the hospice provides medical equipment or other goods that may help you live a better life.

References for home care workers are also vital to know if the agency trains, supervises, and monitors its employees, carers, and volunteers.

How Do They Handle Communication?

Pertinent questions in this area include: How frequently does the agency send a supervisor to the patient’s home to assess the situation for home hospice care? Are the carers licensed and bonded? Who handles queries or complaints, and how are problems managed? Does the agency have a 24-hour call service, and how do they handle emergencies?

Do They Cover Your Treatments?

Make sure to discuss all of the therapies you are presently receiving on your initial appointment. Some hospices will not pay for dialysis, total parenteral nutrition (TPN or IV feedings), blood transfusions, or certain medications. However, some hospices enable you to combine hospice care with specific forms of medical therapy. Before committing to their services, inquire about how the hospice will handle your present treatments.

When considering hospice places near you, make sure to reach out to All American Hospice. We are a state-licensed hospice in PA, and we are committed to providing patients with the highest level of care. Reach out today to learn more about our services.

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