Are all hospice services the same?
Who should make the decision about entering a hospice program?
When should a patient enter a hospice program?
Will the treating physician suggest hospice?
How would we know it might be time for a discussion about hospice?
If the patient shows signs of recovery, can he or she be removed from hospice and returned to regular medical treatment?
How does a patient get admitted into hospice?
Who provides the equipment or medications that the patient needs?
How often does a hospice nurse come to a patient’s place of residence?
Will the patient ever be alone?
Who is the hospice team?
Will hospice induce death if patient or loved one requests this?
How does hospice manage the patient’s pain?
Does the patient and/or family have to pay for hospice care?
What hospice costs are not covered?
What if the patient has no insurance, Medicare or Medicaid coverage?
Does hospice provide any help to the family after the patient dies?