Hospice provides physical care that promotes comfort and offers individualized emotional and practical support for persons nearing the end of life. It also helps both patient and family make decisions about how best to manage that care. In fact, many of our patients and their family members repeatedly note that they wish they had known more about hospice and had decided to access care and support earlier.

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Why Hospice?

Hospice care exists to provide help and support for those faced with an incurable disease for which there is no treatment; or for those who have decided to discontinue treatment that is causing more physical distress than benefit. Hospice and Palliative care can make it possible for individuals to remain at home where most prefer to be, and still access skilled physical, emotional, spiritual and volunteer support.

Hospice offers palliative or comfort care when cure is no longer an option or goal. By providing proper pain and symptom control, Hospice can enable the individual to live as fully and comfortably as possible.

Hospice affirms life and considers dying a normal process. It focuses on “quality” of life rather than length and neither hastens nor postpones death.

Who is Eligible for Hospice Care?

Any individual who has a life-limiting illness or disease (such as cancer; end-stage heart, lung, liver or kidney disease; ALS; MS or even end-stage dementia such as Alzheimer’s) and is no longer seeking aggressive treatment is eligible for Hospice.

Referral to the program can be made by anyone—the patient, family member, friend or physician, with final approval for admission made by the patient’s attending physician.

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