How to Deliver Thoughtful Prayers for the Dying

How to Deliver Thoughtful Prayers for the Dying

A hospice is built on kindness. It is a place firmly but tenderly touched by death. A lot of different kinds of people from very different walks of life come to call a hospice home in the twilight of their lives. For some, it’s a brief stay. For others, the journey takes longer. Yet, no matter who they are and where they’re from, they are offered kindness here. A prayer for a dying person counts as one of those small kindnesses.

One thing that many patients at hospices have in common is faith. Maybe not in the same thing, but in something that’s far greater than them. They realize that their journey has neared its end and want to believe that there is something better waiting – a reward for all their suffering. This is why end-of-life prayers are so important. It’s less about religion and more about peace of mind.

If you’re thinking of administering such prayers, I’m proud of you. You are doing a wonderful thing. However, you must use caution. Not everyone will be appreciative of your gesture, so it’s best to know how to approach praying for the sick and dying. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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Why Do People Deny Prayers for the Dying?

Firstly, understand that not everyone wants prayers. It reminds them of the inevitability of death, and if they are not ready for it, you reminding them will only hurt them. That is the exact opposite of what you want to do. So, always ask if they would like that. If they don’t, leave them be.

Praying is a very personal thing for many people, and this is another reason why they might refuse you. It is too personal, and they might prefer doing it on their own. Don’t force them to pray with you. Instead, just tell them that you’ll keep them in their prayers. This will go a long way.

Thirdly, you’ll come across people from a different faith than you. It is understandable for them not to be open to the experience because you don’t believe in what they do. They might want someone who understands their faith to pray for them. Again, don’t force it on these people.

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What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do is understand them. Understand their different faiths, and look into their beliefs and customs. Cross-faith understanding is important, and the more you know, the more comfortable they will be in your presence.

For those that do accept prayer, make sure to keep your prayers strictly about thoughts and emotions instead of particulars about gods and angels. You’re not there to preach. You’re there to pray. These people don’t want to be educated. All they want is a prayer for a peaceful death.

Many hospice patients feel slighted by God. Their suffering is immense. They’ve struggled all through life, and ending it in sickness is a cruel twist. Your job is not to give them answers about why things happened this way. You don’t know. You can only give them company as you both ask why. Together.

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Prayers for dying cancer patients are not supposed to be easy. It is a difficult thing, indeed, confronting death and illness every day. But, a hospice is built on kindness. Our duty is to give them peace. We do this by saying a prayer for them and saying a prayer for the family of someone dying.

It is our duty at All American Hospice to send off our patients and friends with nothing but peace and contentment in their hearts. We need to fill their souls and make them believe they are not leaving behind unfinished business – that their loved ones are there for them and that there is a better place awaiting. If you are in need of prayers for your dying loved one, reach out to All American Hospice today.

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