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The Sign of End of Life: Is Terminal Lucidity Real?

Have you heard stories about a mysterious phenomenon where a person with a severe illness suddenly regains their consciousness, memory, strength, and communication skills? This event that has caused confusion and given false hope to many families, medical professionals, and caregivers is called terminal lucidity. Although the exact causes remain uncertain, families and caregivers should […]

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What Do DNI Orders Imply in the Medical Field?

Considering your options for medical treatment towards the end of life can be a challenging thought process. Plus, there may be a plethora of weighty choices to make. How about a home death or a hospital one? To what extent would you, or the person you’re in charge of, like to undergo painful medical operations […]

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Social Workers Bring Immeasurable Help To Hospice Care

The need for care for people in advanced stages of sickness is growing as the baby boomer generation enters retirement age and life expectancy rises in the United States. Despite its association with geriatric services, end-of-life care is concerned not only with the care of the elderly but also with the treatment of those who […]

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A Guide to Health Care Systems

The health care system, also called the medical care system, refers to the agencies, organizations, and institutions involved in making sure people have access to healthcare in their community. A health care system may include all of the resources, processes, and stakeholders that make up the way healthcare services are delivered to patients, as well […]

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All About Community Health Care

We now have more health care options than ever before, including community health centers, wellness clinics, and mobile medical clinics in addition to traditional hospitals and emergency rooms. And yet, with all these choices available, not everyone can access the quality health care they need to stay healthy or get well when they are sick […]

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What Is a Basic Need?

The classic definition of basic needs includes a list of essentials one needs to live a healthy and safe life. “Basic Needs” is a term introduced by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in an effort to qualify human needs and satisfaction when creating national and international policies. The United Nations and their subsidiary organizations have […]

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How Long Can You Go Without Water?

As a terminally ill person reaches the end of their life, they often experience a loss of appetite and may also find it difficult to drink. This can be distressing for carers and family members, but it is very common for people who are dying. The body can only survive so long without food and […]

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Does Morphine Speed Up Death?

Using morphine under palliative care (where it’s essential to make the patient feel comfortable towards the end of their life) can worry some people. Morphine is classified under opioids and relieves immense pain, but it is considered a regulated and controlled substance due to its habit-forming ability. When regulated within a hospice or hospital, the […]

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How Effective Is Dilaudid Compared to Other Medications?

Many hospice patients who experience chronic pain use opioids. This group of pain-relieving medications works by targeting opioid receptors in the brain to block pain signals. For moderate to severe pain, opioids are widely considered to be one of the most effective treatments out there.There are four types of opioids commonly encountered in hospice care: […]

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Blood Cleaning 101: How to Purify Blood?

Blood is an essential bodily fluid, and someone in the US always needs blood every two seconds to live. It’s thick and feels a little sticky but plays a crucial role in transporting essential materials throughout your body. But other than that, blood also carries toxic waste away from the body cells. Due to this, […]

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