Red Spots on the Skin: What Are Leukemia Spots?

Have you noticed that you often get rashes and bruises on your skin? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s just a typical skin rash or an early-stage symptom of leukemia known as the red dots on skin leukemia. Leukemia affects a person’s blood and bone marrow, so skin-related issues like petechiae leukemia and bruising are prevalent […]

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What to Expect in the Last Stage of Aids before Death

A matter of mere decades ago, there were very few effective treatments for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, more commonly known as AIDS. While there is no cure for the condition as of yet, several drugs have been developed that allow patients with the condition to go on to live long, happy lives. AIDS is caused by […]

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What a Hospice Does Not Tell You

Hospices provide specific care for patients with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of six months or less if the disease is allowed to run its course naturally. This is based on a multidisciplinary approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual requirements of the patient. There are still many misconceptions about hospice care […]

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Does Morphine Make End-Of-Life Easier?

If you’ve been through a severe trauma or surgery, or you’ve given birth to a baby, morphine may have been prescribed to help ease the pain. However, the drug is under constant scrutiny for its addictive nature. But what if we told you, that it is a rockstar for patients who are waiting for their […]

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What Is the Palliative Performance Scale? A Quick Guide

Patients in palliative care who are near the end of their lives need to know how much time they have left. Decisions about end-of-life care and preparation can be made more effectively if an accurate prognosis can be provided. The PPS scale can do this effectively, though not many people know what it is. The […]

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How Long Does It Take to Die from Sepsis

Sepsis differs from other serious or chronic diseases that frequently lead to a hospice referral. A sepsis-related infection can swiftly spread throughout the body and worsen if it is not treated and handled rapidly. What does septic mean, and what is the most common cause of sepsis? In this guide, we will go into depth […]

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A Brief Introduction to the KPS Score

The Karnofsky Performance Scale (KPS) is an evaluation tool used to predict how long terminally ill patients are expected to live with their illness. There are ten-point increments between “normal functioning” (100) and “dead” (0) on the Karnofsky scale. Unlike an SI system where there are increments between the base values (kilogram and gram, kilometer […]

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Spotting the Early Signs of HIV

Whether it is AIDS symptoms or symptoms of HIV, you cannot be certain of your diagnosis unless you see a doctor. However, it is important to spot HIV symptoms early. HIV infection symptoms may seem like the flu, so it is important to monitor your health to nip signs of AIDS in the bud. AIDS […]

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How To Get a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order

An advanced care plan enables patients to ensure that their medical treatment choices are honored if they are in an emergency scenario or unable to convey their wishes due to incapacitation. DNR orders are part of advance care planning, which outlines the medical care you want to receive if you are unable to make decisions […]

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